'Our Community' is a project created over one week at Teyfant Community School in Bristol.


As part of the project Dani Landau worked with the 10-11 year old year group and their school teachers to create digital stories set in places important to the children.


The groups spent the first half of the week exploring and developing ideas through making and doing.


They then created visual material which they used to tell their final stories - these included photos, paintings, memory maps, and puppets. Then the children assembled all the material on computers to finish their stories.

The week was completed by screening of the twelve stories in front of the whole junior school.

This workshop is just one example from a wide range of investigational storytelling workshops being developed by Dani Landau. The aim of this research is to develop the scope of storytelling workshops using photos and other visual and audio material. info@digitalstorytelling.org.uk