uToo Malta

In 2004 group of young mothers from Swindon made a documentary. They had contacted a young mothers group in Malta and wanted to compare their experiences with those of the Maltese group.

The process of making the documentary firstly involved a group discussion about parenting as a young person. Then each member worked on a single issue in more depth. These included: finances, single parenting, housing, and attitudes.

The participants made digital stories about themselves and their families. This enabled them to become familiar with the possibilities of the medium and was a means of introducing themselves to the group in Malta.

They then developed their media skills by making a story about their chosen issue. To do this they took home cameras which they used to create images relating to their ideas and their storyboards. In this image one of the group members has asked friends to act out the problems she has with attitudes of strangers to her being a parent. -

'There are a lot of teen mums around and not everyone agrees with it. They talk and point when you walk past like it's wrong. My point of view is that all mums are as equal as older ones, except for the age difference. We still have the same amount of love and affection to give. In a way it could be an advantage because we have more patience and energy, but there is a lot of attitude around against young mothers. When they are the ones who are wrong for making their views expressed too strongly.'

The completed digital stories were less than two minutes each and together formed a video compilation which they took with them to Malta. This created starting points for discussion and interviews with the Malta group during the visit.

On their return the group spent a day recording voiceovers and editing together the stories, interviews and video material from their trip into the completed 9 minute documentary. This will be used by the U-Too young parents training group for their activities and also by the film makers to show to their friends and families.